Boiler types for central heating & hot water

Hot Water Boiler and Central HeatingThe boiler is the heart of any hot water r central heating system, and if yours is due for a replacement, then if its a good few years old, you should take a good look at the new types of boiler.

Local boiler quotes for prices are also very competitive, so not only should you compare boiler types, you should also compare suppliers.

Basic boiler types, such as a combi, may not be powerful enough to run your central heating because the flow rate (how fast & how hot) for these small boilers is not sufficient. You are more likely to need a system boiler which either feeds direct from the mains or is “closed”

whichever it is that you need, you should get a professional “gas-safe” certified engineer to asses your existing system – maybe all you need is a refurbishment or a good clean out flush of the central heating pies to return it to good working order.

So don’t immediately assume the boiler needs to be fully replaced unless its obviously beyond repair

Hot Water Boiler and Central Heating