How to price a new front door

The way to figure out the amount you might have to pay for a new front door is to first decide on what material you want it built from.

Your choices for material are:

  • UPVC

What is the cost of a new Front Door?Softwood timber doors are going to be the cheapest to buy upfront, but you are going to have problems with them soon. In prolonged damp or wet weather, they expand & warp to fit badly, During long dry spells they will shrink & the paint will crack.

Aluminium are not widely used for front doors and can be expensive

UPVC is very versatile, long lasting, come in many designs and are well priced

Composite doors are really good, but pricey.

You should also take into account the colour for UPVC as it can cost more than white – and the door furniture.

Doors for home extensions such as conservatories.

If you are considering extending your home with a conservatory, it’s also important to select the right type of door to go with the conservatory design.

However, there are quite a few things to consider beforehand – this article may give you some insight.

Which offers the best solution for a home extension, an Aluminium or UPVC Conservatory?

What is the cost of a new Front Door?
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