What to Look Out For When Purchasing Patio Sliding Doors, Glass, Security, Double Glazing, Energy Efficiency and Materials

Patio Doors: A stunning home improvement

Enjoying the sun and scenery outside your home without compromising the warmth and security of your home is now possible with patio sliding doors. Patio doors have moved forward in terms of energy efficiency and security yet making sure you know what to look for is essential when choosing a suitable patio door for your home.

A few of the essential things to look for are: thermal efficient glazing, high security locking systems, materials and finishes and design.

Therefore, we would like to explain some of the key properties to look for when choosing the patio door

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Patio Door Security

The security of the door is very important to the homeowner and with thousands of locking systems available throughout the UK here are some top tips:

If the patio door is over 2.1 metres high, then it is better to have a 8 hook bi-directional lock. This consists of 4 sets of opposing double hooks which act as a anti lift security system. Due to the hook locks opposing each other they prevent any burglars trying to lift your door open.

If the patio door is less than 2.1 metres high, then a 6 hook bi-directional locking system is suitable.

  • The outer frames should be fully steel re-in forced.
  • Checking whether the locking keep plate is coated stainless steel so the plate does not rust or lose its strength over time.
  • Keep plates should be fixed through the PVCu profile and secured into the steel re-in forced outer frames.
  • If you are concerned about security, then you should always ask about shoot bolts which act as an extra security device. The shoot bolts are fitted at the top and bottom of the mechanism giving optimal anti-lift security.
  • Anti-lift blocks should be fitted as standard.
  • The fixed sash should always be mechanically secured in position to the outer frame as well as fixed for extra security.
  • The fix sash and the sliding sash should both be fully steel re-in forced.
  • The barrel of the sliding doors should be anti-pick and also anti-drill.

Patio Door Energy Efficiency

High energy efficient patio doors will help keep your home warm in the winter so it is important that the doors have good thermal design and weather protection:

If you want a internal sliding door then make sure that the patio has a draught stop tray on the internal slider including a weather seal. Making sure that there is a sound wool pile draught protection in-between the two sashes. The double glazed units of the patio doors should be energy efficient either k-glass or low-e in UK and Ireland.

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Patio Door materials and finishes

Patio sliding doors are available in a range of materials and colours:

Upvc patio doors
  • White Upvc
  • Oak Upvc
  • Rosewood Upvc
  • Mahogany Upvc
  • Aluminium Patio Doors

Aluminium can be powder coated so usually you can choose from a wide variety of colours.

Hardwood and softwood

It is possible to have a softwood material. Usually you can have these primed and painted before installation to the colour of your choice.

Patio Door designs

Although the majority of patio doors are just 2 sashes 1 fixed and 1 sliding it is possible to have larger doors with 2, 3 or 4 panels. If you have a large opening for example you could choose to have a 4 panel door with 2 sliding sashes to 1 side or in the middle.

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Composite Patio Doors: Top Ten Tips