3×3 budget PVCu Conservatories

Conservatories have become a popular way adding an extra room or more space to homes throughout the world and in particular in colder climates. Conservatories were first created around three hundred years ago and have evolved into a lovely transitional space between the main residence and the back garden or yard surrounding the home.

Cheap 3x3 PVCu ConservatoriesOver the years there have been several different materials used to build conservatories including stone, brick, wood and metal. In particular aluminium has become widely used in the construction of conservatories. However, the main rival to aluminium is PVCu. It has become the value for money option, as it is cheap, durable and easy to maintain – which you can find information about here: https://www.conservatorypro.co.uk/how-much-does-a-cheap-3×3-conservatory-cost/

However, there are still one or two disadvantages as we will discuss here.

Poly Vinyl Chloride is a chemical compound consisting of chlorine, carbon and hydrogen and the “u” appended at the end stands for “unplasticised” or “unmodified.” This means that the PVC has not been injected with additional chemicals called plasticizers, whose purpose is to soften the PVC. The PVCu used in the construction of conservatories has normally been re-inforced with aluminium to add necessary strength.

As mentioned previously PVCu has become the most popular choice of material for conservatories today and the reason is largely down to cost. It is the cheapest of the materials commonly used for conservatories and has brought the option of adding a conservatory within the budget of many households where previously a conservatory was unthinkable.

One of its great strengths of that it is an excellent insulator and so through the use of PVCu it is possible to keep a conservatory warm in winter with building up excessive fuel bills. One of the downsides of PVCu is that it lacks the appeal of wooden and even aluminium conservatories. It is possible to craft the PVCu to look like hardwood, but whether the finish is effective is a matter of opinion.

PVCu conservatories are easy to maintain and are very durable. Maintenance is really just the periodical wipe down with a damp cloth.

The usual colour for PVCu conservatories is white and as you would expect from a modern day product the PVCu conservatories do not look particularly good on older buildings. There are much more in keeping with newer constructions.

How to Buy Cheap 3×3 PVCu Conservatories Online