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Guide Lanyard SALE

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'>Guide Lanyard<span style='color: #ff0000;'><strong> SALE</strong></span></span>


Adjustable length cord with quick release snap. Full foam neck roll for comfort, 2 fly drying rounds, 2 removable tool "O" rings, 3 tool snaps, shirt clip, and easy to load tippet dispenser which holds up to 6 spools.The best lanyard we have seen
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Cinch Tie Knot Tyer

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'>Cinch Tie Knot Tyer</span>


Cinch Tie Knot Tyer Tool- The Cinch Tie knot tyer is must have tool for every fisherman. Take the hassle out of tying complicated fishing knots with this easy to use knot tying tool. The machined brass and stainless steel construction of the Cinch Tie ensure this tool will last a lifetime in all fishing conditions whether its freshwater or saltwater. Made in the USA
Complete with knot tying instructions

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Greys Platinum XD floating fly line SALE

<span style='font-size: 16px;'>Greys Platinum XD floating fly line  SALE</span>


Greys top selling Platinum XD floating line in two colour Orange/Tan Last few
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SALE Line Clipper

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'><span style='color: #ff0000;'><strong>SALE </strong></span>Line Clipper</span>


This exeptionally fine tool easily cuts monofilament from 1/2lb to 100lb The sharp needle will clean the eye of your hook then retracts into the body of the clipper for safety
Stainless Steel Made in Japan
NOW ONLY £8.49

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Scierra TX1 5/6 Fly Reel SALE

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px; color: #000000;'>Scierra TX1 5/6 Fly Reel <span style='color: #ff0000;'><strong>SALE</strong></span></span>


With its unique design and lightweight construction, the TX1 reel is perfect for dry fly fishing and nymphing suitable for 6 weight and under .

•Unique design
•Extremely light weight
•High grade 6061 machine cut aluminium
•Overrun brake
•Large arbor reel design
WAS £139 NOW £49 !!

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Tapered Leaders,Braided Loops etc SALE

fly fishing supplies | Fly Fishing Accessories CLEARANCE SALE |  Tapered Leaders,Braided Loops etc SALE

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Furled Leader SALEFurled Leader SALE
These hand tied furled leaders are Ideal for river fishing where delicate presentation is needed .Around 3ft long with a built in loop for flyline connection and a small ring for tippet connection (we reccommend around 4-5 ft of your chosen tippet) 1/2 PRICE

Price: 3.50

Rio Trout 7.5 ft Tapered Leaders SALE
Rio Trout 7.5 ft Tapered Leaders  SALE

Each Rio Powerflex Trout knotless tapered leader is designed to turnover with ease, whether casting dry flies,nymphs or lures.Rio Powerflex leaders are manufactured to exacting tolerances using the latest technology and materials .The long, thick butt design provides smooth turnover while the supple tippet gives the fly life-like presentation. All Trout leaders have a perfection loop on the butt. 7ft 6in long

Price: 2.50

Choose Leader B/S
Rio Powerflex Trout Leader 7ft 6in 2.4lb   
Rio Powerflex Trout Leader 7ft 6in 3.4lb   
Rio Powerflex Trout Leader 7ft 6in 5.0lb   
Rio Powerflex Trout Leader 7ft 6in 6.4lb   

Airflo 8ft Trout PolyLeaders SALE
Airflo 8ft Trout PolyLeaders SALE

NEW 8FT long Trout polyleaders from Airflo have a mono core with a tapered polymer coating .The core is exposed at the tip of the leader to allow you to add your chosen tippet 8ft long in 7 different densitys from floating to ex super fast sink £4.99 each

Price: 3.50

choose polyleader sink rate
8ft Clear Floating Polyleader   
8ft Clear Hover Polyleader   
8ft Clear Intermediate Polyleader   

Profil Trout and Salmon Tapered Leaders SALE
Profil Trout and Salmon Tapered Leaders SALE

Profil double tapered dry and Salmon Fly leaders These popular leaders come in breaking strains between 2&6lb in Dry fly
all profil fly leaders come with a coloured loop which makes identifying the leader breaking strain easier

Price: 1.49

choose leader
Profil Dry Fly Leader 2lb   
Profil Dry Fly Leader 3lb   
Profil Dry Fly Leader 4lb   
Profil Dry Fly Leader 5lb   
Profil Dry Fly Leader 6lb   
Profil SALMON Fly Leader 13lb   
Profil SALMON Fly Leader 17lb   

Rio Bonefish Leader  SALERio Bonefish Leader SALE
Rio Bonefish Leaders these Bonefish knotless leaders are clear and feature heavy butts to help turn over the heavy flies sometimes needed whilst bonefishing NEW Available in Extra Value Triple Packs

Price: 2.50

Rio Bonefish Leaders

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Rio Toothy Critter Leader SALERio Toothy Critter Leader SALE
An ultra stiff nylon leader tapering to 16lb attached to a tough ,bite resistant 30LB wire shock tippet with nylon coated steel wire and small snap link to attach fly
.Ideal for Bluefish,Barracuda and Pike etc

Price: 6.99

Vision Tippet Rings SALE
Vision Tippet Rings SALE

Vision tippet rings make leader making easier and faster. Tie the end of your leader onto one of these and then tie your tippet length to the ring. They are also great for tying droppers to leader or when you want to attach fluorocarbon to monofilament. They weigh almost nothing, so they do not affect turnover or the leaders floating/sinking properties. Our tippet rings are also available in bigger sizes with 20 kilo breaking strength. You may now enjoy using these in salmon and pike fishing too. 10pcs/bag.

Price: 3.99

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Salmon Polyleaders SALE
Salmon Polyleaders SALE

Salmon polyleaders 10ft long in Hover and Fast Sinking Best Seller

Price: 3.99

choose leader
Polyleader Salmon Hover 10ft   
Polyleader Salmon Fast Sink 10ft   

Salmon/Trout Leader Wallet SALE
Salmon/Trout Leader Wallet SALE
High Quality leader or Fly Wallet with 10 resealable/removable Zip lock pouches also two drying mesh pockets
Fully padded and water resistant with a Velcro closure
Ideal for poly leaders, casts, tube flies and saltwater patterns
colours vary usually blue and brown in stock if 2 ordered i will try to send one of each Tony

Price: 4.99

fly fishing supplies | Fly Fishing Accessories CLEARANCE SALE |  Tapered Leaders,Braided Loops etc SALE