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NEW Vision Rulla Fly Reels

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'><span style='color: #800000;'><strong>NEW</strong></span> Vision Rulla Fly Reels</span>

From the smallest stream to the largest Salmon river theres a RULLA reel to suit your needs.A solid reel of obvious quality but without the weight that would often result ,RULLA sets new standards across the board for reels in this price range.Build Quiality, Drag performance,finishing and available sizes are all we believe as good as it comes.Matt anodized in light grey with contrasting accents and just waiting for an opportunity to fish !
- Rulla 1 line 3-4 4.2 oz
- Rulla 1.5 line 5-6 4.3 oz
- Rulla 2 line 6-7 4.6 oz
- Rulla 2.5 line 7-8 5.6 oz
- Rulla 3 line 8-9 6.1 oz
- Rulla 4 line 9-10 7.1 oz

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Vision flyline bundle

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'>Vision flyline bundle </span>


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Vision Attack Sinking Fly line

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'>Vision Attack Sinking Fly line</span>


<strong><span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'>TOOL</span></strong>

Instead of prattling on about the latest rod from Vision i will let them do it for me ! I will however say that all of us were mightily impressed by this rod range

The future is here! Make no mistake though, the shock with this rod comes not when you see the picture, nor even when you first take hold and realise how incredibly light they are, but most definitely it’s after you make the cast. Offering superb feel and unique versatility of matched line sizes / types, TOOL delivers astonishing line speed and challenges more than just the look of our Salmon gear but also the performance. The medium fast action makes for an easy to use, all-around rod. Cosmetically, the matt black blanks are unmarked except at the reelseat. Everything else matches this plain “stealth” look but the all new EVA handle wasn’t chosen for it’s colour. This firm high density grip allows the lightest contact on the rod and gives more security when it’s quite often! TOOL is delivered in a black triangular Cordura tube with a rod cloth.

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NEW Sage Evoke Series LINE SIZE 7/8

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'><strong>NEW </strong>Sage Evoke Series LINE SIZE 7/8</span>

Sage asked themselves what many of the most hardcore fly fishers who take on big anadromous fish and powerful saltwater species want in a fly reel. The answer, like our innovative solution, was simple: more control. You wanted to add extra fingertip or palm pressure to actively engage the fish, so we looked at existing reel designs and decided to open things up a bit. Literally. Featuring a unique modified full frame with exposed dual palming rim, the EVOKE lets you add fingertip or palm pressure from either side of the reel as you feel exactly how much it will take to turn that fish. But it’s not all up to you; the EVOKE utilizes the same proven fish-stopping carbon drag design as our 6000 series, with an intuitive drag knob with detents from 1 to 39 so you have twice the finesse when tuning-in desired drag resistance. Stainless steel dowel pins give the reel its staunch rigidity, and also help form a full frame line guard that eliminates any errant line mishaps. Plus, the pins help your fingers to index the exposed palming area for applying added pressure without taking your eyes of the fish. This one looks different, fights different, and is sure to be the difference maker during your next brawl.Large arbor
Fully machined modified full frame with palming access
One revolution numbered drag knob
Large, easy-to-grab drag knob
Sealed Carbon System drag
2 configurations—left or right hand specific frames
Reel retrieve direction is not convertible
Neoprene case 7/8 weight 9.9oz Please note Evoke reels are available Left Hand or Right Hand wind and are not interchangeable so please order correct reel wind
Colors for 2014: Stealth/Platinum, Bronze/Platinum, Stealth/Blaze (as above)

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Wychwood River & Stream Fly Reels

<span style='font-size: 16px;'>Wychwood River & Stream Fly Reels </span>

The Lightest fly reels in the world: #2/3 50g (1.8oz), #4/5 58g (2oz)*
Wychwood brings to the bank a product that truly challenges the boundaries of production technology with the #2/3 reel weighing in at a staggering 50 and the #4/5 reel at only 58g. The multi-axis CNC machine technology allows them to redefine the strength capabilities of lightweight structures, removing as much excess material as possible, without affecting the structural properties of a fly fishing reel. The River&Stream reels also feature a new, innovative, adjusta-clicker drag system, which provides extra linear tension when palming a fish on the reel and prevents over-run of your fly line.

Bar stock aluminium cage and spool
T1 anodised surface finish
Multi-axis CNC shelling technology
Shortened centre pin for weight reduction
Injection moulded comfort-fit handle
Adjusta-clicker drag system.
Ready Loaded with a Wychwood Presentation flyline/backing and braided loop for only £20 extra See drop Down List Below

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Vision Attack Intermediate Fly line

Vision Attack Intermediate Fly line


Extremely popular Intermediate line and a best seller at this price range.
Each line has excellent casting and turnover capabilities to serve both beginners and advanced anglers.
A line which out performs its price, a great all-rounder for rivers, lakes or reservoirs where both presentation and distance at any range are equally important.
Available in floating (light green), intermediate (mustard) and sink type 3 (dark brown). The Intermediate line is available in WF 5 TO 8

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Vision Glassic

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'>Vision Glassic</span>


Sometimes it’s nice to take things slowly. This goes for casting as well and our latest fully 100% fibreglass models are new old rods with a super smooth slow action. Don’t hurry when you fish with these and you’ll be rewarded with short range performance and tippet protection which is hard to match with any of the latest and greatest materials on offer. Natural reddish brown three piece blanks with half wells or Cigar handles on the shortest models.
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NEW Greys GR50 Fly Rods

<span style='font-size: 16px;'><span style='color: #ff0000;'><strong>NEW</strong></span> Greys GR50 Fly Rods</span>

The replacement of the popular Greys GRXi was never going to be easy but with the new GR50 Greys have in my opinion blown the old rod out of the water ! The new rod has more finesse and stands comparison with rods costing a good deal more, the rod has a nice middle to tip action that will suit begginers and more experienced fly fishers alike
All in all a great bit of kit ,Tony

Now the Greys bit !
Manufactured from high grade carbon fibre in an advanced taper design, the GR50 is a physically light fly rod. The fast recovering, high performance action is paired with modern cosmetics and styling.
Featuring a non flash matt ice grey rod blank finish with section ID and line up marks.
High intermediate modulus blank
Large diameter black nickel finish stripper guides and single leg black nickel finish snakes
Reel Seat: up to and including 9' #6 - wood burl spacer with anodised aluminium thread and twin up lock function.
Above 9' #6 - full anodised two tone aluminium fitting with twin up lock function (marked on rod list below FW)
‘AAA' grade cork handle with rubber cork tippings
4 section design
Supplied with cloth covered partitioned rod tube

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Vision Attack Floating Line

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'>Vision Attack Floating Line</span>


These are slick,long casting lines that are suited to both begginers and expert casters alike Available in sizes 3-9 in Weight Forward profile
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Fly Fishing Outfits

fly fishing supplies | Fly Fishing Outfits

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NEW for 2015 Redington Path Fly Fishing Outfits
NEW for 2015 Redington Path Fly Fishing Outfits

A great pair of rods from Redington the 5 weight would suit the angler who fishes smaller stillwaters and rivers and the 6 weight is ideal for bigger rivers and lakes
•Middle/Tip action
•Alignment dots for easy rod set-up
•Weights available from 3wt to 9wt for multiple fishing needs
•Durable anodized aluminum reel seat, ideal for all fresh and saltwater applications
•Golden rod blank color
•Rods come with black cloth rod tube
•Outfits come with rod/reel case, and PATH reel pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream® WF fly line
•Two saltwater specific outfits available with RIO Saltwater® Floating Line
•Lifetime Warranty

Price: 149.00

Choose Outfit
Redington Path OUTFIT with 5 weight line   
Redington Path OUTFIT with 6 weight line   

 Atom Outfits

Atom Outfits

Price: 219.00

Choose Kit
Atom Small River Outfit 8ft line wt4   
Atom River/small stillwater Outfit 9ft line wt5   
Atom Lake/small stillwater Outfit 9ft line wt6   
Atom Stillwater Outfit 9ft 6in line wt7   
Atom Pike/Saltwater Outfit 9ft line wt8   

Atom kit has a medium fast, 3 section Atom fly rod, large arbour Deep die cast aluminium reel and a great casting floating flyline. It is a great all round kit for learning the sport but will fulfill the needs of experienced fisherman too. The kit is ready to fish – the backing, flyline and leader is prespooled and the whole kit is packed into protective Cordura tube with reel pouch.

Vision Zulu Outfit
Vision Zulu Outfit

Zulu Set

These sets are real jewels. They have forgiving medium fast, 4 – piece Zulu rods, quality Zulu reels and easy casting floating flylines. They are great gifts for beginners, but our pro guides tend to use them as well when they are fishing on their own. These kits are also ready for fishing – the backings, flylines and leaders are pre-spooled and the kits are packed into easily transportable short protective Cordura tubes with reel pouches.

Price: 169.00

choose outfit
Zulu Outfit 8ft line#3-4   
Zulu Outfit 9ft line#5-6   
Zulu Outfit 9ft 6in line#7-8   

GT100 Fly Fishing Outfits
GT100 Fly Fishing Outfits

A true high-quality ready-to-go set. New GT100 rod from Vision Flyfishing , a four piece medium fast rod with a graphite colored non-sanded blank. It has a black aluminum reel seat and a half wells handle. The reel is the popular and proven black GT reel. The line in the outfit is a new floating Vibe 100. It has a 10 meter blue colored head and a white running line. Being a part of the Vibe family which is famous for being almost ridiculously easy to cast, it has the same great features as the other members, including durability and slickness due to the integrated silicon particles, easy-to-cast, very little memory, loop at the tip of the line and many other great features. Add a decent amount of 20lb backing and a tapered 9’ leader and you have a set which is second to none. It is packed into an easy-to-use protective cordura tube with of reel pouch.

- Medium fast four piece GT100 rod
- Reliable black GT56 reel on #5 & GT67 on #6
- Season 2015 two tone Vibe100 floating line with
a 10 m head and plenty of 20lb backing and a tapered 9’
leader. All pre spooled.
- Comes with a protective Cordura tube with a
new type of a reel pouch.

Price: 395.00

Choose Outfit size
GT100 Outfit 9ft line#6   
GT100 Outfit 9ft line#5   

Greys XF2 Premium Stillwater Outfit
Greys XF2 Premium Stillwater Outfit

The Latest XF2 Stillwater fly rod from Greys with teamed with a Greys GX300 Large Arbour Fly reel ready loaded with a superb Rio Gold Weight forward floating fly line JUST ADD WATER complete with zippered cordura covered rod tube and full Greys warranty Save over £40 from rrp

Price: 295.00

Choose Rod Length/rating
Greys XF2 Outfit 9ft 6in Line #6   
Greys XF2 Outfit 9ft 6in Line #7   
Greys XF2 Outfit 9ft 6in Line #8   
Choose reel Wind

Sage One rod with 4200 reel
Sage One rod with 4200 reel

The Ultimate fly fishing outfit a Sage One fly rod and matching Sage 4000 series fly reel loaded with a Rio Gold fly line please choose left or right hand wind and we will load up the reel with backing so your new outfits ready to fish

Choose Sage One Outfit

drop down list
Choose reel wind

fly fishing supplies | Fly Fishing Outfits