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NEW Vision Rulla Fly Reels

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'><span style='color: #800000;'><strong>NEW</strong></span> Vision Rulla Fly Reels</span>

From the smallest stream to the largest Salmon river theres a RULLA reel to suit your needs.A solid reel of obvious quality but without the weight that would often result ,RULLA sets new standards across the board for reels in this price range.Build Quiality, Drag performance,finishing and available sizes are all we believe as good as it comes.Matt anodized in light grey with contrasting accents and just waiting for an opportunity to fish !
- Rulla 1 line 3-4 4.2 oz
- Rulla 1.5 line 5-6 4.3 oz
- Rulla 2 line 6-7 4.6 oz
- Rulla 2.5 line 7-8 5.6 oz
- Rulla 3 line 8-9 6.1 oz
- Rulla 4 line 9-10 7.1 oz

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<strong><span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'>TOOL</span></strong>

Instead of prattling on about the latest rod from Vision i will let them do it for me ! I will however say that all of us were mightily impressed by this rod range

The future is here! Make no mistake though, the shock with this rod comes not when you see the picture, nor even when you first take hold and realise how incredibly light they are, but most definitely it’s after you make the cast. Offering superb feel and unique versatility of matched line sizes / types, TOOL delivers astonishing line speed and challenges more than just the look of our Salmon gear but also the performance. The medium fast action makes for an easy to use, all-around rod. Cosmetically, the matt black blanks are unmarked except at the reelseat. Everything else matches this plain “stealth” look but the all new EVA handle wasn’t chosen for it’s colour. This firm high density grip allows the lightest contact on the rod and gives more security when it’s quite often! TOOL is delivered in a black triangular Cordura tube with a rod cloth.

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NEW Sage Evoke Series LINE SIZE 7/8

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'><strong>NEW </strong>Sage Evoke Series LINE SIZE 7/8</span>

Sage asked themselves what many of the most hardcore fly fishers who take on big anadromous fish and powerful saltwater species want in a fly reel. The answer, like our innovative solution, was simple: more control. You wanted to add extra fingertip or palm pressure to actively engage the fish, so we looked at existing reel designs and decided to open things up a bit. Literally. Featuring a unique modified full frame with exposed dual palming rim, the EVOKE lets you add fingertip or palm pressure from either side of the reel as you feel exactly how much it will take to turn that fish. But it’s not all up to you; the EVOKE utilizes the same proven fish-stopping carbon drag design as our 6000 series, with an intuitive drag knob with detents from 1 to 39 so you have twice the finesse when tuning-in desired drag resistance. Stainless steel dowel pins give the reel its staunch rigidity, and also help form a full frame line guard that eliminates any errant line mishaps. Plus, the pins help your fingers to index the exposed palming area for applying added pressure without taking your eyes of the fish. This one looks different, fights different, and is sure to be the difference maker during your next brawl.Large arbor
Fully machined modified full frame with palming access
One revolution numbered drag knob
Large, easy-to-grab drag knob
Sealed Carbon System drag
2 configurations—left or right hand specific frames
Reel retrieve direction is not convertible
Neoprene case 7/8 weight 9.9oz Please note Evoke reels are available Left Hand or Right Hand wind and are not interchangeable so please order correct reel wind
Colors for 2014: Stealth/Platinum, Bronze/Platinum, Stealth/Blaze (as above)

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Wychwood River & Stream Fly Reels

<span style='font-size: 16px;'>Wychwood River & Stream Fly Reels </span>

The Lightest fly reels in the world: #2/3 50g (1.8oz), #4/5 58g (2oz)*
Wychwood brings to the bank a product that truly challenges the boundaries of production technology with the #2/3 reel weighing in at a staggering 50 and the #4/5 reel at only 58g. The multi-axis CNC machine technology allows them to redefine the strength capabilities of lightweight structures, removing as much excess material as possible, without affecting the structural properties of a fly fishing reel. The River&Stream reels also feature a new, innovative, adjusta-clicker drag system, which provides extra linear tension when palming a fish on the reel and prevents over-run of your fly line.

Bar stock aluminium cage and spool
T1 anodised surface finish
Multi-axis CNC shelling technology
Shortened centre pin for weight reduction
Injection moulded comfort-fit handle
Adjusta-clicker drag system.
Ready Loaded with a Wychwood Presentation flyline/backing and braided loop for only £20 extra See drop Down List Below

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Vision Glassic

<span style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 16px;'>Vision Glassic</span>


Sometimes it’s nice to take things slowly. This goes for casting as well and our latest fully 100% fibreglass models are new old rods with a super smooth slow action. Don’t hurry when you fish with these and you’ll be rewarded with short range performance and tippet protection which is hard to match with any of the latest and greatest materials on offer. Natural reddish brown three piece blanks with half wells or Cigar handles on the shortest models.
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Nets and Accessories

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New for 2014 McLean Folding Telescopic 20" trout net
New for 2014 McLean Folding Telescopic 20

This new net from McLean is ideal for the stillwater trout angler with a generous 20" round net head and 44/64" overall length and rubberised net bag to stop you snagging your flies when landind fish and vitually smell free !

Price: 64.99

Rovex Trout Scoop NetRovex Trout Scoop Net

A nice lightweight basic scoop net ,Ideal for the wading Trout and Grayling Angler The net head measures 16" and the net is 24" overall , Comes complete with stretch lanyard and belt/vest clip

Price: 9.99

NEW Wychwood Rover Net
NEW Wychwood Rover Net

This net features a flip-over, self-locking net head design, created for the mobile angler offering fantastic, compact, easy transportation on the bank. With an extending aluminium handle capable of reaching 1.4m and the easy deploy flip net head mechanism, this net can be rapidly transformed from pack-down to ready-to-net. To aid transportation and use, it also features a clothing clip at the head of the net and an EVA grip at the base for improved grip.The rubber-mesh net used throughout helps contribute to a lightweight design, as well as preventing dropper hooks from snagging when netting fish and helps limit the spread of disease between fisheries.

Easy deploy flip net
Aluminium handle
Self-adjustable to 1.4m
Superb pack down size
Full rubber net mesh
Prevents hooks snagging
Limits spread of diseases
Anodised aluminium net ring
Easy-grip EVA hand grip
Clothing net hanging clip
46cm/18 inch teardrop [Trout/Sea Trout]

Price: 44.99

NEW Wychwood Boat Net
NEW Wychwood Boat Net

This new addition to the Wychwood range is a must have product for any large or small stillwater boat angler, with a super long reach for fish at a distance to the boat, delivered in a supremely light weight. The adjust and lock carbon handle extends from 1.3m to 2.4m featuring easy grip EVA sections for use in the boat with wet hands.

The super large net head has a circumference of 56cm [22 inches] so it is capable of safely capturing even the largest trout and features rubber-mesh throughout. This helps contribute to the lightweight design, as well as preventing dropper hooks from snagging when netting fish and helps limit the spread of disease between fisheries.

Carbon Mix handle
Super large 56cm/22in diameter net head
Self-Adjustable from 1.3m to 2.4m
Superb netting at distance
Full rubber net mesh
Prevents hooks snagging
Limits spread of diseases
Anodised aluminium net ring
Easy-grip EVA hand grips

Price: 64.99

NEW Flip Up Net 60cm
NEW Flip Up Net 60cm

Great value for money 60cm net
Knotless soft mesh suitable for catch and release
Strong yet lightweight flip up head design
Compact folding, extending 2 piece handle with belt clip and lanyard

Price: 17.99

Lightweight Folding Telescopic Trout net
Lightweight Folding Telescopic Trout net
A Lightweight adjustable folding telescopic trout net with knotless nylon mesh only 23"(55cm) long when folded and it extends to 60" (152cm) easily operated with one hand.Saltwater resistant aluminium BEST SELLER

Price: 25.99

NEW Wychwood Scoop net bag
NEW Wychwood Scoop net bag
The Scoop net bag is a storage system designed especially for your small lightweight river scoop nets It protects the nety in transit and protects from unwanted smells and leakage directly after use The net bag features a unique one size fits all design along with the drop dry system that allows the net to dry as it is stored in the bag ( see photo above bag does NOT include net !)

Price: 12.99

Vision Trout net with magnetic net release
Vision Trout net with magnetic net release

A High Quality Trout net made from hardwood bonded with the latest epoxy resin for strength and durability the built in Magnetic net relase not only provides quick access but provides a clean rim when landing the fish of a lifetime . And the lazer engraved measuring tape on the handle gives you the opportunity to show friends that fish really was over 62cm... !!

Price: 79.00

C & F Design Magnetic Net Releaser
C & F Design Magnetic Net Releaser

The C&F Net holder is the rolls royce of magnetic net holders and oozes quality attach it to your jacket or vest ‘D ’ring with spring loaded clip attach to the net frame with two ratchet tie-straps provided.
Net secured with powerful magnets and released with firm tug.Self seeking magnets ensure easy net return.
Curl cord attaches to vest hem and net, stretches 21" for ease of movement.

Price: 25.99

Profil Magnetic Net Hanger
Profil Magnetic Net Hanger

A great buget magnetic net hanger from Profil with
Quick access and storage of your fishing net
Strong magnetic connection
Lightweight and strong aluminium construction

Price: 6.99

NEW Compact Net Bag
NEW Compact Net Bag

The Compact Net Bag from Wychwood is a storage bag for folding style landing nets up to 70cm long when folded It protects the net when in transit and stops unwanted smells .It can also be used as a scabbard style net holder and attached to a belt (please note does not include net as photo !)

Price: 12.99

Wychwood Bow Frame Trout Net
Wychwood Bow Frame Trout Net

Compact folding quality landing net for mobile trout fishing.
Bow frame net head that folds over for compact storage.
Can be operated with just one hand due to snap lock head mechanism.
Supplied with an extending aluminium handle
Features rubber dipped frame mesh to prevent droppers snagging the net.PRICE INCLUDES UK MAINLAND SHIPPING

Choose net size

Choose Size
21" head £43.99   

Mc Lean Folding Head with Telescopic Handle Landing Net
Mc Lean Folding Head with Telescopic Handle Landing Net

Available in two sizes 18" head or 20" head.Round or "D" Shaped heads (AS SHOWN) Plus new XL Round size for boat anglers


- Telescopic Handle
- Locking Head Mechanism
- Knotless Mesh Netting
- Belt Clip
- Bronze Anodised Finish
- Non-Slip Handle Grip

Select Shape and Size

McLean Short Weigh Net
McLean Short Weigh Net

Based in Christchurch , South Island, New Zealand, McLean Angling specialises in the manufacture of landing nets. Since 1987 when the first WeighNet was invented, the range has expanded to cover the needs of almost every game angler. The company aim always, through design and quality, to provide long lasting service to customers worldwide.McLean Weigh Nets have surely been present at a good many memorable moments in Angling.
The Short Handle Weigh Net gets a doubly-accurate scale. Weighing up to 6.5lb and readable in 2 oz increments.
Fitted with a French Clip for attachment to D Rings Works well with C&F Magnetic Release (MNR) Net opening 17.5” by 12”. Handle length 8” Overall length 25.5”

Price: 69.99

Salmon or Sea Trout Weigh Net
Salmon or Sea Trout Weigh Net


- Pear shaped extra sturdy fixed frame net with bronze anodised finish.
- Rubber grip handle and in-built weighing scales to 50lb.
- Telescopic handle extends 33"-65" sea trout and 45"-77" salmon.
- net opening 25" sea trout 33" salmon
- Carried with built-in adjustable sling.
- Knotless mesh.

Maximum net opening 33".

Overall length extends from 45" to 77".

Choose net

salmon or sea trout
Sea Trout weigh net £94.99   
Salmon weigh net £99.99   

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